Saturday, March 9, 2013

Created for {Care} Day 1

So, I thought I'd pop in and give a quick "what's up" since I've so rightfully earned Worst Blogger of the Year Award lately and let you know what's going on in my life.  Now.  At 1:00am.... Please pardon any typos to follow.

So, I'm at this SUPER awesome adoption retreat called Created for Care.  That you had to sign up for like a looooong time ago.  And truthfully, if I had of known way back then that we would stiiiiilllll be waiting on our referral, I probably definitely wouldn't have signed up.  But I didn't know and at the time (for the past 12 months) our agency has been saying 'any day now,' and long story short- I did.

And this conference has been SO hard so far.  We're talking A-L-O-T of tears.  It's really hard being (I'm pretty sure) the only Korean Mommy here not matched.  And its hard not knowing the tried and true Korean Adoption Process anymore.  And its hard knowing how crazy and happy and heartbreaking our adoption road has already been.  And its hard knowing how long the road is ahead.  And its hard longing to love another child.


God knew that this was EXACTLY where I needed to be this weekend.  I am in a room with three other beautiful women who are seasoned with adoption and have brought me the most comfort and love.  I lovingly have dubbed them my Adoption Mommies (while they also refer to me as their little child) as I am also a decent amount younger than any other adoptive Mommy here too.

We've listened to some AMAZING worship music and have had the awesome opportunity to watch the new documentary Stuck.  I've heard testimony after testimony of the coolest adoption stories, and I've already met some absolutely fantastic new friends.

We also got to listen to the most amazing woman tonight (Adrienne) and to hear her testimony of how sometimes God calls us to love {Big} for just a short amount of time.  I couldn't help but know that God was speaking directly to me telling me that He had a purpose for our earlier referral and the process of having to let go.  I think I've finally realized that He had in His will for the Murphree family a season to love big last winter.  And I'm thankful that I'm finally, truly seeing even the tiniest inkling of His amazing plan unfold.

She went on to speak about God's most perfect timing.  How he's never early, certainly not late, but right on time-every time.  Ahhhh.  Thank you God for that sweet hug of reassurance that you know me, love me, love my family and my precious children, and that You're ALWAYS on time.

And more than ever, I feel like Justin and I are still exactly where God wants us to be.  Waiting and willing to love our precious Ruby-big.

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Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Bless you precious friend! IF I wasn't fresh home, I would have been there too loving on you! It IS SO hard to wait and I am thankful God has you right where He wants you. Soak it up girl... one day you will be a blessing to someone else who suffers the WAIT! XOXO

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Praying that God surrounds you with his peace during this hard time. A girl I went to college with (Carollane Parsons) is there this weekend. I believe thy are adopting a little boy from somewhere in Asia but don't have a referral yet, but I'm not certain.

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