Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tis the Season

for planting!

In my last photography class, my teacher taught us how to do this cute little radial blur trick.  I’ve been looking for an opportunity to try it out for a while, and the Lowe’s flower department felt like the perfect time…granted, the employees were starring at me like I was a little strange for whopping out my big ‘ole camera and snapping pictures of my kid in a buggy, but hey, whatever it takes. 

P and I have really been enjoying this spring season so far.  We’ve planted several herbs and P’s very favorite, Marigolds, because they are “Kabota Orange.”  This kid and his tractors!  LOVE him!

I have the most amazing photo shoot for Mr. P’s birthday all designed up in my head and am praying that maybe next month after my sister’s wedding we are able to make it happen.  The problem is that I need some props that I don’t have, soooo I’m going to have to convince a certain sweet hubby of mine to help me make do somehow. 

I’m also going to make a very valiant effort after Melissa’s wedding (in May) to be a better blogger.  This little space of the www is very important to me-the problem is, I am particular about the way my photos look on the blog which makes posts a little more time consuming than they used to be.  And like every other person on the face of the Earth it seems-time is a hot commodity.  I will say, though, I’m a daily poster on IG and would LOVE it if you wanted to follow along!  You can find me at @murphreesmoments  Until next time….

{thankful for}
a fun fundraising Saturday
a rainy Sunday that made for a great family day
sleeping in
precious time with my P
Panera bagels I get to share with P
making mud balls in the rain
the STUCK documentary and getting to meet the brains behind the operation
friends that share my same heartbeat and make me laugh
the sweetest social worker who supports orphan advocacy

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Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Great photo! I used to be all crazy about my photos and still fret with them at certain times but I have started using my phone camera ALOT And that is what goes on the blog much of time. The thing is, getting the memory recorded is what's important... I used to make the most elaborate scrapbooks for my big girls and do you know all they cared about??? The words and photos. Now that's all I focus and it's good. Release it sweet friend and just put it on. Love your heart!!!!! XO

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