Friday, October 18, 2013

Triplets and a Noonday Blessing {Favorite Photo Friday}

This past weekend I had the AMAZING opportunity to travel to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for a photography workshop weekend with my sweet mentor and friend, Lisa!!  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  

I am SO thankful that God gave me the opportunity to do this.  It's an amazing story, but even through the long, sometimes heartbreaking road of our adoption journey, God used certain points and pieces to make this weekend dream a reality for me.  If everything in our adoption road had of lined up the way "I" saw fit, this weekend would never have been. SO thankful for His perfect will and His perfect timing.
So, on to Bethlehem I went.  And I took LOTS of photos.  I was in photography heaven.  And then on Sunday evening I came back home and was hit with reality-and fabulous as my reality is, it didn't allow for photography 24/7, so I'm no where near through all my photos and editing.  But, I couldn't resist sharing a couple of these beauties.  They were as fun as they were gorgeous!
And last night as I was working on some edits, my Facebook "dinged" with the sweetest message from my Noonday Collection Ambassador Jennifer Weber.  She and a sweet lady that hosted a Noonday Party secretly hosted it in Jack's honor!  Instead of taking the hostess credits, Trudy is generously donating to Jack's adoption fund.  I've never met either one of these precious ladies in person, and I think that just goes to show what God can do through the miracle of adoption.  Jack's story is not one of brokenness and despair, but of love and hope, and friends and family and complete strangers in the form of angels coming together to bring our sweet angel home.  

Humbled is not even adequate to describe our emotion.
Thankful is not enough.

If you don't know much about Noonday, they are an awesome company who employees artisans in poverty stricken areas of the world to make gorgeous jewelry and accessories.  I have the privilege of owning a few pieces and they are so beautiful and special to me.   

If you are interested in some Noonday jewelry for yourself or a Christmas present, Trudy and Jennifer are leaving Jack's party open until this Monday!  Just go to 

From there, just put any items you would like to buy in your cart.  When you're ready to check out, select Jennifer Weber as the Ambassador, then put Trudy Smith in as the trunk show name.  Putting those two things is really important so that the show credit goes to our adoption fund!

Thank you in advance for helping artisans have a good quality of life and for bringing our little cutie pie HOME! 

All our love...

the long road

4 kind thoughts:

tiarastantrums said...

so sweet - loved meeting you and can't wait to meet you little man!

Unknown said...

Your photos are gorgeous!! Great job!!~

...melody... said...

These are beautiful! So glad you had such a wonderful trip. :)

Mary Louis Quinn said...

What beautiful photos and what an amazing gift from your friends at Noonday! I am going to try to go to a Noonday party my friend is hosting. Such an amazing organization!

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