Sunday, December 22, 2013

O Christmas Tree {Sunday Snapshot}

For us, Christmas normally starts the day after Thanksgiving.  But since Thanksgiving came so late this year and we are self-proclaimed Christmas addicts, we broke the cardinal rule and visited the tree farm a few days early.
{P and Melissa have this unexplainable bond... not to mention they are alike 
in SO many ways.}

We took several obligatory Tree Farm photos that we all love acting silly in.

Rearranged the sleigh and hopped in for a {FREEZING} cold ride.  We all blamed Justin for the cold cold cold temps this year- every year he whines that he wished it was colder and felt more Chritmasy.  I'm pretty sure the high was about 42 and windy.

We hung out with the reindeer for a second and boogied on over to the trees, because, did I mention already it was freezing?!

James and Melissa were first to find their perfect tree!

Dad and Justin hilariously struggled with this tree, almost falling a few times.  The ground was wet and slippery and it kept trying to twist out of their hands.  We were all laughing so hard.  

Especially when P asked to hold it and stood there holding it easy peasy right off the bat!!  Seriously, he's holding that same tree all by himself!

Dad was, well, Dad.  Lying on the ground, hiding amongst the trees to scare his fellow family, which he thoroughly succeeded at.  

As embarrassing as his antics can sometimes be, I wouldn't trade his humor and hearing his laugh for the world.  

{Isn't my hubster a hunk?!}

Justin and I have the worst luck with our trees every year.  It's kind of a running joke in the family.  Either they get swiped out from under our noses as we're trying to make our decision or they get stolen {not sure if its accidentally or not} as they are being wrapped while we are paying for them in the gift shop.  In fact, last year, we were victim to both!!  

This year, the tree drama did not evade us.  After looking high and low, we found our very perfect tree, only to realize it was split completely up the middle and would most certainly not stay on a stand.  We both could only laugh {and were freezing} and literally pointed to one and declared that it would do.  We got it home and its the silliest, shortest, gimpiest, holiest tree we've ever had.  But, despite its imperfections, it looks beautiful decorated with all of P's homemade ornaments and our past memories, and looking at it makes us laugh.  So in our eyes?  It's perfect!

And of course, we always have to finish off our Christmas Tree farm experience with the most delicious hot apple cider on the planet.  I finally asked this year what kind it was and was told it was a secret family recipe.  I'm going to see what Google produces in hopes of replicating its yumminess!

{thankful for}
Christmasy weather to grant Justin's wish
Snuggly clothes
delicious hot apple cider
being able to not take tree-picking-outing too seriously
knowing the true reason for Christmas
a Dad that is virtually "unembarrassable"
Melissa and James finding their perfect tree

Ni Hao Yall

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