Thursday, January 16, 2014

500 Good Wishes Puzzle

First of all, I want to thank you all for everyone's kind wishes, prayers, words of encouragement, Bible verses, and love that are sent our way almost daily.  Adoption is not for the faint of heart, but sometimes we do get weary.  It may sound cliche' but there is absolutely no. way. possible. we could do this without the love and support of our friends and family.

With that, I am SO excited to say that we are FINALLY on the home stretch.


It is overwhelmingly exciting and emotional for me to even type that.  We are steps.  Literally THREE steps away from our sweet baby.  Our agency told us yesterday that mid year travel (I'm praying more April-Juneish) is very probable!!!


We absolutely cannot wait to snuggle up our little bitty!

But, before we are allowed to travel, we have just a few more fees we need to cover.

I've wanted to do a puzzle fundraiser from the very beginning simply because I feel they make such a beautiful piece of art for the home after the fact.  A sweet photo representing this journey to our son, and the back filled with names of the precious friends and family who helped bring him home.  The beauty of that thought warms my heart.

I've also always wanted to do a '100 Good Wishes Quilt' for Jack, but my Aunt Becky already makes all the babies of the family a gorgeous prayer quilt and since the two are so similar, I had decided against the 100 Good Wishes Quilt.

But last night, as I was praying about funds, God gave me an idea that I'm seriously ecstatic about!

We would love to combine the two, and give Jack a 500 Good Wishes PUZZLE!!!

The way this will work is that we are going to have this photo printed onto a custom puzzle with 500 pieces!

{obviously cutie patootie will not be blurred out in the print}

Friends can then sponsor a puzzle piece for $10 each.  When you send your sponsorship through Paypal (or if you'd rather just mail a check, you can email me at to get our home mailing address), you can designate how many puzzle pieces you would like to sponsor, and then in the "Notes to Seller" portion, we would love for you to write the person's name you would like to appear on the back of the puzzle piece (it can be your name, in honor of someone, or in memory of someone) and then the best part, we would like for you to leave a special prayer or wish for sweet Jack.

I'm going to be writing the names on the back of the puzzle pieces, and then I'm also going to be compiling a list of the 500 beautiful wishes and prayers to put in Jack's Life Book!!! When all is said and done, I'm going to double frame the puzzle so that it can be displayed on either side and then we're going to hang it in our children's playroom.  I absolutely cannot wait for this project to be complete!  I know it will be out of this world meaningful to all of us for so many different reasons!

I will be running the puzzle sponsorship until we can get all 500 pieces sponsored!  It's a BIG goal, but I'm praying that God will help us knock it out of the water!

To sponsor, please log into your Paypal account and send a gift/donation (so that Paypal won't cut out any fees) to !  THANK YOU!!!!

(You can also just click the donate button at the top of our blog, but if you do please be sure to email me your prayer/wish separately so that I will have it for Jack! :)


{thankful for}
visions from God
friends and family
new photos
steps closer
friends meeting their babies this week

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Mary Louis Quinn said...

So So excited for y'all!!! Cannot wait until you have that sweet baby in your arms!!

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