Monday, January 6, 2014


Every year, Justin and I make it a point to take at least one small "family-of-three" vacation.  We are SO big-family oriented that it's also really important to us to make a few memories each year with just Mommy, Daddy, and Mr. P {and hopefully soon Jack too!}.

This year, Perry's elf surprised him with tickets to Stone Mountain's Snow Mountain Tubing excursion and then to see Jake and Sophia Live the next day.  There was only one little road block.  Saturday morning we woke up to P-O-U-R-I-N-G rain.  And even though it said 'no refunds' on their website, I called and begged and scored us a refund!!  {Thanks again SM!!!}

So, we took our refund and decided that instead of snow tubing, we'd go to Lego Land that afternoon!  It was really fun!  It took us about two hours to hang out and really feel like we got to do and enjoy everything.

To start off, there was a little room where they tell you all about how legos are made and have a few nifty "educational" things to do tucked into every corner, including a scale that converted your weight into lego cubes.  Much to Justin's dismay I did not dare step near that thing!

Inside the main area, there was a little Lego Land ride that reminded me of the Toy Story ride at Disney World where you shoot the targets with lazer guns, while riding in an electric car in the dark.  Then, there was a little 'flying wizard' bike ride that was kind of like something you'd ride at a fair.  There was also a "sandbox" full of legos area, a jungle gym area, a build-your-own-lego-car-and-race-it-area, and a few other little things.  Perry's favorite part was racing his car!

And, of course, as you exit there is a gift shop full of tons of legos!!  And to neither mine nor Justin's surprise, Perry chose another garbage truck to take back to our hotel room.    Our little guy thinks garbage trucks are the bomb.

{thankful for}
famliy-of-three memories
a time of nothing but legos and playing 
a snuggly evening in the hotel

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