Thursday, May 8, 2014

Formal Easter Photos {Who am I Kidding?!}

So... I do my very best to make {formal} holiday pictures quick {we're talking ten minutes or less} and as painless as possible for all involved.  Pun intended Lisser.

And if P's in a good mood, it is pretty easy to get what I want in five minutes or less.  If he is not in a photo mood, its an ENTIRELY different story.  Thankfully, the cards were in my favor today.  

I don't even mind these, "Mom, I reallllllly wanna go ride my four-wheeler, can we puh-LEEZ, hurry this up already?!"shots.

Or these 'Auntie Lisser is a bad influence' shots.

But this right here.
This smile is A MILLION BUCKS to my heart.

And seriously I could squish him... and please stop growing.

And this, Ladies and Gents, is mid-family-shot when my photographer had to go and stomp all over a poor pitiful yellow jacket and then pardon herself out of commission.  
Good thing she wasn't expecting a tip.
{ahem... maybe if she was taking her job seriously instead of stuffing Maple leaves up her nose and distracting my kiddo, she might have been paying a little more attention and actually watching where she was stepping.  Of course, she could have always just worn shoes... I digress.  I'm not bitter over only having one family photo, at all. ;)}

Let's hear it for the boys.  I should throw in that that is a legit bow tie {thank you Becky!  He LOVES it!}, no clip-ons here, perfectly tied by Daddy, who rocks in his many amazing talents.  
{There is NO WAY I could have EVER tied that thing!}

And Mommy loves you to forever and back.  From the East to the West and all in between.

I have a thing against hunting 'fake' plastic eggs, but our Easter egg dying was a little bit unconventional this year {coincidentally, complicated by the same blonde haired being that can't seem to wear shoes....} and there just weren't that many boiled eggs to find.  
I'm trying to learn to let some things in life go.

And he is off to dominate the egg hunt.  I hope Jack Cruz is competitive.  

{thankful for}
a photographer who's willing to go into anaphylactic shock to get me a family photo
baby boy bow ties
Daddy's hands
the perfect Easter basket
glorious weather
a smile that lights up the world
one year knowing Jack Cruz

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