Monday, June 30, 2014

I Did It

I downloaded the blogger app.  I have known it was here for quite some time now but I didn't want to succumb to it for fear that my blog might not look as 'clean' or 'print worthy'.  But the cold hard truth is that I don't have the time-or rather have lately chosen not to invest the time-into my blog.  When P was younger I'd often wait till the late late hours after he's fallen asleep (finally) to do my blogging, but as he's getting older, we are chasing fire flies into the darkness and by the time he goes to sleep, even later if that's possible, I just don't wanna lugg out the computer and edit photos and arrange them neatly and all that jazz.  Sure I will certainly still do that.  But I'm also gonna be doing a lot more 'throw a post together on my iPhone so I have it for my kids later' posts too.   

Starting with this one.

Our first trip to the lake this summer.  

The lake...ahhhhh. My {HAPPY} place.  I heart the lake in the biggest way.   A total water baby, and hence love my name- Brooke.  

Sidenote, while pregnant, I tried to talk Justin into letting us name our kids Lake, River, Ocean...he said no.

I had a photoshoot scheduled for the morning so J and P met the fam a little before me and then I tagged along about 45 minutes later.  And in that first 45 minutes of me not there to monitor Justin's sunscreen application, he got fried. Evenly.  Which is a huge downfall...or improvement...from having me there to apply it for him-in a quilted streak pattern.  Right Amanda?! I digress....

We had a blast.  

My water baby thoroughly enjoyed himself.  

And my big water baby thoroughly entertained us by letting my dad wildly sling him around on the tube.  

We are lucky enough to only live about 8 minutes away from this little slice of heaven, and I for one cannot wait for our next trip out here.

{thankful for}
happy babies
newborn smells
a fun photoshoot
lake water
a brave 5-year-old
the alphabet game
the nerdiest sister on the planet who wants to play the pharmaceutical version of the alphabet game
my Perry's hair, wet with summer
the easiest blog post in my blogging history- I'm totally trying to let to of the fact that it's probably not aligned the way I'd like or is lacking my cute signature at the bottom...I'll fix those issues another day 
... but isn't my hubby the cutest?!

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Sandy said...

Yea! So glad you got to go to your happy place! You are the best mom! I need to learn to let things go and enjoy my kids more often! They are growing way too fast!

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