Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Part of Forever {Saturday and Sunday}

Exhausted and have a LOT to do before tomorrow when we meet our precious son, Jack Cruz!!! So, this post will be a bit choppy.

Started packing at 9pm Friday night.  Oiy. 

At the recommendation of my sweet friend Sandy, I left Mr P a little {happy} to open each day we were gone.  

Cried the whole way to the airport as my sweet baby recited scripture to me that I had taught him for the beginning of school nerves he had. <3

Gave him a billion kisses...

And boarded our first plane.

Arrived in Dallas to eat some lunch.

And then got our names called over the terminal intercom!! It ended up just being for new boarding passes due to our travel agent swapping our seats so we could sit together, but it gave my sweet hubby quite the scare for a bit!!

Then, we hopped aboard this bad boy. 

Talked about how incredibly surreal and exciting this all was...

Endured 14 1/2 hours of what another sweet friend lovingly referred to as 'labor'. 

And then FINALLY landed in the land of the morning calm.

Endured a few more labor pains in the form of nausea due to forever in a plane, excitement/nerves, Korean drivers...

And finally made it it our apartment, where no shoes are allowed! ;)

Turned what we *thought* was gonna be a quick bite of dinner into a palace glance, getting lost, and finding ourselves in the middle of a demonstration surrounded by *countless* policemen...yeah, that happened...

And finally saw a KFC in a corner alley, shining in all it's American glorious wonder.... Funny how things you hate from home suddenly become so comforting after being awake for over 28 hours and in unfamiliar territory. 

Boogied back to the hotel and Facetimed our little P where we gave lots of international smooches!! <3 Don't mind the drowned rat/ran from shower to answer the phone look...

And now it's time to gather up agency/foster family gifts and get all our ducks in a row because tomorrow, my friends, is MEET JACK CRUZ DAY!!!!


{thankful for}
The tourist station
Nice cops who tell you what's going on
Safe and mostly uneventful travels
A loving and super fun hubby/travel buddy
The hope of tomorrow
Ps kisses that are sweet enough to cross oceans


2 kind thoughts:

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I am SO EXCITED for y'all and CANNOT WAIT to hear all about meeting your baby boy!!!!!

Mary Gene Atwood said...

I'm so excited for you! Can't wait until you see your boy!

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