Monday, August 25, 2014

He. Is. AWESOME. {Monday}

Earlier this afternoon, we met up with our photographer, grabbed a sip to drink, and headed to Holt in the iSaNe humidity.  As we were going up the elevator, pouring sweat, D was telling us where the bathrooms were to freshen up a bit before we went in. 

However, when the elevators opened, there was our little boy running out in the hall with Foster Omma chasing him.  And we were smitten!!!!!

We got about ten minutes to play before the official meeting began, a quick orientation, and then the babies were brought back in.  When I say He is 90 to nothing, I’m exaggerating NONE.

All the other babies were in their little areas playing with their families and Justin and I were chasing him the E-N-T-I-R-E time.  Like we ran a marathon around him.  Everyone was giggling and smiling and man oh man is he FUN!!!!

He likes to throw toys at people :/ LOVES to push the doll in the stroller, play peek-a-boo behind the curtain, have Justin and I sit him on the window and help him jump off, but most of all, he likes to GO.  FAST.

When we had him on the window, he kept looking down at all the taxis and saying Oppa’s Car!  (because his foster father is a cab driver.)

I got a few kisses by using the “feed the baby birdie game”… I can’t thank you enough Lauren for telling me about this one!!!   I would put a little gerber puff (thank you Shaina!!!) in my mouth and he would basically swallow my lips to get it, and then would laugh and smile SO big.  He bit me a few times and it was awesome.  New Momma comment right there. 

He is full of laughter, joy, and energy.  Foster Omma said that he knew all of us and his big brother because every single morning she shows him our photo album.  There were maybe three times during our meeting that he got a little nervous and I would quickly take him to Foster Omma for comfort and then he was right back down to play. 

Omma said he loves the park (especially the tall slides and rock climbing wall), rice, will snuggle me all night to sleep!!!!! (when he’s sleeping he pulls your arm to the bed and then puts the blanket we sewed and sent him over his head to fall asleep), LOVES all water: ocean, swimming pool, bathtime, etc.

We told her we think he is absolutely perfect and she said she thought so too.

Smitten people.  Smitten. 

And seriously, I got ZERO photos or video because from the second those elevators opened till the second he left, we were on the run and soaking up OUR PRECIOUS SON. 

The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad. Psalm 126:3

{thankful for}
promises kept
the most precious foster omma who prepared our son so well
friends who share their kids gerber puffs
a fabulous photographer who has already done so much for our family

2 kind thoughts:

Mary Louis Quinn said...

He sounds absolutely precious and perfect!! Can't wait to see pictures of his sweet face! Thanking God for a wonderful day with your baby!

Nancy @ Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 10 said...

A HUGE smile on my face for you! this all sounds so so so wonderful! I think you'd best invest in a couple few pairs of running shoes!

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