Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jet Lag {Tuesday}

Sorry this post is late... We missed dinner with friends last night bc we fell asleep at 4:00!! :/ partied for about two hours late last night and then slept again until 3:19am.  Sheesh.  Jet lag is KICKING our booties!!! Prayer please?

Anyway, Wednesday was our city tour and these are all my iPhone shots.  I'll try to upload 'real camera pics' when it's not 4:42am...

Heading out

One of the smaller palace's throne rooms...where no pictures were allowed! :/ But some rules you have to quickly and discretly break to get some homeland history for your baby.  It is what it is. 

The ceiling in the trine room.  Every bit of that is intricately hand carved wood. It's absolutely awe inspiring.  The dragons represent that royalty is present.  

I loved this little celadon church in one of the shops.  I may have to go back and get this little guy. 

And this Seoul city painting as well.  We were SO exhausted by this point in the tour I didn't really know what I wanted to buy for Jack Cruz or just have as memories.  But I really think these two things need to come home with us.  

Some really cool street candy made from honey. And a funny worker who kept declaring his love for me.  Such a super fun guy...pink hair and all!  

Bread in the shape of poop because...well, why not? I suppose.

The restaraunt we ate in: delicious!! A little funny though bc everything J kept trying to order they didn't have available. We both settled on standard bulgogi and it was so super yummy! 

One of my favorite Insadong shops.  They were so sweet and allowed me to take pics of their stuff.  

I thought these bracelets were really cute and 'me'.

{thankful for}
A sweet tour guide
Bulgogi, broccoli, and crystal noodles
Fake sprite
A bed- though hard as cement might it be
That Justin has now slept till 4:58 and counting!!

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