Sunday, August 31, 2014

Supposed to be Simple {Saturday}

But who can guess why it wasn't?

Because we got lost of course.

Google maps can have it.  They know nothing.  There.  I said it.

We have joked that there's no doubt in our minds we have gone past Jack Cruz's home...probably six times.

And we're certain we've seen every inch of his birth city.  By foot, of course.  

It is what it is and we're having fun and that's all that matters I suppose.  

We slept in, which was blissful and then scouted out some pizza.  From Pizza Hut, no less.  Thank you God.  That even without ordering it, turned out to be STUFFED CRUST.  No really!! THANK YOU GOD!!!! :D

After PH, we toured the main palace, Gyeongbukgung, where J took the role of official tour guide.  

Seriously, he has to be the cutest ever.

The throne rooms are amazing to me.  Intricately hand carved and painted features everywhere, and always dragons in the ceiling where the king sits.  

Gorgeous palace grounds.  I was particularly excited to see this feature, as I've done a watercolor of it at home using only internet photos as a guide.  Really exciting to finally see it in person. 

Dinner at the made-famous-by-adoptive-families MEXICAN restaraunt!!!!! Yumz.  It was like gourmet Taco Bell.  

And then a billion mile scavenger hunt to find Banpo Bridge.  I almost hate to reunion the first 'ahhhhhh' moment of seeing some fab pics on my big camera but putting an iPhone pic up, but this is gonna have to do for now.  

I should be able to borrow a friend's charger tomorrow and I'm very anxious to see all the pics on my SD card.  There are lots of Jack Cruz goodies on that thing that I'm super excited to see!!!

And then back through the concrete jungle towards our apartment for some rest. 

Where we received this photo of P enjoying his goodie bag contents!  Love. 

{thankful for}
Pizza Hut
cheese dip 
green grapes
blondies with pretend mustaches

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