Monday, September 22, 2014

A {LONG} Walk Down the Streets of Seoul

I am starting a mini series on my Seoul {Big-Girl-Camera} photos that I've finally gotten around to processing.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy taking in this beautiful place part of our hearts will always call home.

At the Mecenatpolis mall, right next to Holt (Hapjeong Station, Exit 10 comes up in the mall), there is a children's theatre where they feature Big Nut Brown Hare and Little Nut Brown Hare from Guess How Much I Love You.  This is such a special book/tv series for me and P.  I would love to take the boys when we go back, but not sure Jack Cruz can sit through this.  

This man was AH-MAY-ZING.  He was handicapped in that he was missing his right hand.  And yet, he used what he had to create the MOST AMAZING wooden art pieces, most of which featured Bible scripture.  This guy and his work could easily bring you to tears.  Especially when you realize how few 'special needs people' you see in South Korea due to them not being accepted into society as readily as we would expect.  He was a testimony to every person who faces a challenge.  Different is truly beautiful.  (I hope this little paragraph would be honoring to him and his country.  I mean this very respectfully.)
 (He was located in front of City Hall along the wall of Deoksugung Palace.)

Working for Alabama Power, the electrical lines fascinated Justin.  We have several photos of transformers and their many wirings.  Our photographer and friend, Dylan, shared with us that sometimes when you see an electrical crew, they will literally be up in a bucket truck flipping through a manual to try to figure out which line goes where...I would guess OSHA might not approve!

We took photos and got sentimental every time we saw a construction crew.  I can't wait for Mr. P to see all the excitement and big machines this city has to offer.  

This shop.  Smelled of divine coffee (though I don't like to drink it) and played Christmas music ALL DAY LONG.  In short, it was like walking by paradise.  Michael Buble was playing as we walked by this day. 

If you are looking at the main palace, Gyeongbokgung, this is down the right side like you are walking toward Hannok village).   

The air conditioners were fascinating.  They gave the power lines a run for their money.  There were so many buildings that resembled this.  

Gusto Taco.  Made famous and kept in business by American adoptive families.  
(Sangsu Line 6, exit 1, on a road that starts with W)

Butterfinger Pancakes.  Even more delicious than Gusto Taco.  If that's possible.
Serves breakfast...and EVERYTHING else.  Seriously, if you are in Seoul, GO THERE.
(Gangnum province... we walked and taxied so not exactly sure where this is, but FIND IT.  There's also a batting cage across the street.)

These ice cream cones are located in street vendor shops.  They are surprisingly delicious, if you don't get a stale 'cone'. 

A beautiful side street... we were lost! ;)

As Dylan declared, "The Land of Connectivity."

This gorgeous shop added to my theory that Seoul is the most densely populated wizarding city in the world.  These wands were advertised to us Muggles as paintbrushes for traditional rice paper paintings. ;)  You purchase your flying broomsticks in the market places.  

At the end (not the paintbrush side-ironically enough) of Insadong, on the left.  

There is a McDonald's at the M mall near Holt.

The famous Miso play being advertised on a side street that we were lost on.  

Gorgeous night life.

THE most delicious American junk food is located right under this guy.  I don't remember the little pub's name, but it is exit 12 on line 3, I believe (let me check with Justin to make sure I'm right on that.)  It is an amazing place to go if its raining (it was POURING the night we ate here) because the basement of the building where its located is attached to the subway system.  There was also a Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant there.   

Despite the enormous-city-ness that is Seoul, it has so much charm on every corner.

There was a heritage festival going on in the main square by our apartment one afternoon.  Shrek was in attendance, dressed as a Korean Ogre.  

Cute charming signs.

Korean fruit.

Flower shops EVERYWHERE.  I told Justin that if we ever move to Seoul I expect fresh flowers once a week.  

This sweet street vendor was set up here every day.  Can you believe that little lady is able to wheel that cart around?

She is at the corner of Deoksugung Palace near City Hall.

Heritage festival with girls playing a traditional game.

Gorgeous umbrellas at the M mall near Holt.

The Sewol Ferry Tragedy is still so fresh on everyone's hearts.  There are yellow ribbons and protestors throughout the city.  Its really heartbreaking.

A beautiful, peaceful protest at the main Gwanhwamun square.  

{thankful for}
fresh fruit
people using their God-given talents
culture and rich history
rainbow umbrellas

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