Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Namdemun Market {Monday}

We slept in and headed to TGI Fridays for a cheap lunch!  Despite the CRAZY steak prices, their lunch menu ends up being about the same price as street food.  Plus, unlike most places, here you get free refills which is an enormous plus to us since we drink so much and a simple coke is typically $3-$5!

There are street brooms all over the city and I can't help but think that the 'street sweepers' are really just giggling under their breath, "Silly Muggles."  I can't wait to get back home to Mr. P for a Harry Potter marathon.  P loves saying in his best English accent, "But where is Harry Potta?" He's too funny.

We got lost...but found this gorgeous fountain on our way to Namdemun Market. 

A street onion chopper.

This dude looks like a lady...kinda.  I'm truly not even sure how to describe exactly what he/she was doing. But he did put on quite a show when he realized I was hoping to take his photo. And he really could drum very well. 

Silk worm pupas anyone? ...These are even in your everyday 7/11s.  

I have a slight infatuation with Hanboks.  I'm gonna wait till I have Jack Cruz with me to actually purchase one so I can be correct on sizing... 

...as well as the cute {CHEAP} squeaky shoes!!! Can't wait to buy some of these- much to Justin's dismay.

These dried fish, squid, octopus, etc are everywhere.

No clue what kind of meat this butcher was shaving off the bone.  

A look down Namdemun. 

The cutest little stools that I couldn't figure out how to get home or where I'd put one.  So for now at least, they will have to live in my memory.

Camera street.  A photographer's dream.

After Namdemun, we met up with our amazing photographer and friend for a quick break and a few drinks.  It was this American junk food heaven where they served my coke in a mason jar!  I haven't felt more at home in this whole trip!  We weren't hungry but made note of the amazing food.

As the evening came, we headed to Myeondong to meet two friends who actually live in Korea.  The plan was for them to take us out for some Korean fried chicken that is supposed to be the very best in the world.  We were a good bit earlier and Justin had wanted another 'ice cream cone' for days now, so when we came upon this street food he was thrilled! 

And about two minutes after he finished I his ice cream, I noticed the sky looking mighty fierce.  

And then the bottom dropped out.  And guess whose umbrella{S} were in the apartment?! Arg!!! 

Seriously, that rain was epic.  I've seen it rain that hard and that long maybe two other times in my life.  

M and C finally made it to us as we hunkered in the subway and there was NO WAY we could even attempt to go above ground.  (Even with umbrellas people were running into the subway soaking wet from head to toe.  With by camera in tow, that wasn't even an option.)  Thankfully, the place D had taken us to earlier was accessible completely through the subway!  So off we went to treat our Korean friends to some American junk food.  And it was AWESOME!  

The funniest thing was that the staff spoke excellent English and decent Korean.  Some didn't speak any Korean at all.  So I got to act as translator a bit, which was quite the fun role reversal. 

And after three hours of great food and conversation, we headed back home. 

{thankful for}
finding cheap, delicious food
great, new and old, friends on the other side of the world
buffalo sauce and ranch dressing
fun exploring with my hubby
subway shelter
squeaky shoes and hanboks
rich culture
sharing faith and passions 

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