Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Few {Landmarks} of Seoul

We enjoyed a fun evening on the Han River when we went to view the Banpo Rainbow Bridge Watershow.  But we were pleasantly surprised and were first greeted with a magical firework display.  I have no idea what the occasion was, but everyone knew about it and was waiting on the banks with their cameras and tripods set up.  This was the best I could do with the lens and not so steady hands that I had to work with.  

Then, after the fireworks, the light show began.  We sat almost directly beside the bridge and loved the way we could see so far under the lights.  I'm sure it was gorgeous from above too, but I really don't know where you would go to get a skyview. 

Per the norm, we got *so* lost.  This was probably the longest walk for us to find something... or maybe I should just say the adventure tied with finding the North Seoul Tower.  Oiy.  

Ultimately, if we did it again, we'd go Donjack Line 4 Exit 2 and then follow the street signs to Hangang Park.  If you go this way, you'll wind up walking along side the road with a gorgeous ivy covered wall on your right side.  

This little gem is the Cheonggyecheon stream, which runs through the heart of the city.  If you go to the main Gwanhwamum square, stand with your back to the palace.  Look across the big intersection and to your left.  You will see a GIGANTIC pink, swirly looking cone.  Walk to it.  (You can barely see it lit up in the top right of my photograph.)  Right behind it is the fountains and then the waterfall.  You can walk for miles down this peaceful stream.

HERE is a great write up about the history and details of the stream.  

Gwanhwamum square fountains.  I believe the Gwanhwamun station, exit 2 will put you directly up by the famous statues and fountains.  If it isn't 2, exit 1 gets you VERY close to the main palace... just a block away by the arts center.  

Seoul's first post office... near Insadong.  

Hanok- this one was actually inside the main palace.  We didn't tour Hanok Village which is just down the street from the main palace.  If you are looking at the palace, go to the edge on the right and take that road.  It shouldn't be too far from there.  

Onnuri English Ministries.  Amazing worship experience!  We blindly followed C and DJ here and it ended up being about an hour away on the subway.  Its very much so worth finding.  

The North Seoul Tower.  

{Insert evil WA HA HA laugh here.}  

This was the one time in all our thirteen days in Seoul that tears may or may not have fallen over the stress of constantly getting lost (and being tired, jet lagged, and emotional due to the nature of the trip, etc).  It took us three or four hours (I'll have to go back in my original post to remember for sure which) to find this famous landmark.  And I was getting SOOOOOOOOO frustrated because you can see if from EVERYWHERE.  It was like it was taunting us!

You can see me, but you can't touch me!

But thankfully, my fabulous hubster got us there and we prevailed!  The next time we go, we will travel Line 4 Myeon Dong Exit 3.  Look for and then face the Pacific Hotel.  Walk to the entrance and then there is an alleyway/road to the right of the hotel building.  It is about a 10/15 minute walk... uphill... and then you will get to the cable car station.  Pay to ride to the tower.  Don't whine about the cost.  Otherwise you'll most likely be wandering around for four more hours and walking farther than Heaven-only-knows-up-a-gigantic-mountain to get to the top.  And then, you'll probably have a bad attitude.  Or, I'm pretty sure I would, at least.  

Ride to the tower and then walk up all those stairs (what did you expect?) and then pay to go up to the top.  It's worth it.  

Even when its foggy and rainy.  

We promise.

{thankful for}
firework surprises
light shows to Josh Groban, in Korean no less
peaceful streams
promises of love
patient and loving hubbies
cab drivers who leave lasting memories
the glow of my son's birth country

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