Saturday, January 24, 2015

Baby It's {COLD} Outside

January has been pretty bitterly cold and wet, so we have done lots of fun activities inside.  Including but not limited to: bubble baths, painting, side walk chalk in the 'foyer' and on the walls, and rolly toys.  

My boys headed off to the Monster Jam in Atlanta for some much needed "Man Time."

Little bit and I stayed home as I had little desire to strap him in a car seat for a few hours drive.  Did I mention he has decided the car seat is not cool?  Unless, of course, I give in and allow him to watch Peppa Pig, in which case he's golden.  Sign him up for a cross country road trip.  

We were gifted (the most amazing gift ever!  seriously people.. listen up for future gifting ideas) a family membership to our local children's science museum.  Hello bonding time. I think we've been four times already.  Pman loves the shark/stingray exhibit and Jack Cruz is seriously infatuated with the bubble station.  It's been a more than perfect place to take the boys on these frigid cold days to allow them a place to stay warm and dry and play and enjoy themselves.  With Jack Cruz still learning that we are 'forever,' its also a great place to pop him in the carrier for some face time or to provide a big, happy 'shared' environment for the boys to bond.  You know... a place where the toys don't belong to one child or the other so there's no dominance, there's no cat's tail to pull, or beautiful picture frames of Mommy's to break.  

Yeah.  It's pretty blissful. 

And with a membership, we also get a discount at the food court.

We may not can keep our children in a bubble, but at least we can photograph them through one! ;)

Life literally feels like a hurricane right now.  But see that smile on my face?  
It's a good kinda hurricane!

We were thankful we went soon enough in the new year that the Winter Wonderland exhibit was still set up.  Second from Coke, Jack Cruz's favorite thing in all the world is trains.  

Or water.  Maybe its water???

Thankfully, the weather was GORGEOUS for the past five days, so we were able to enjoy some MUCH needed outside time.  But, we're already right back to snow flurries and rain.  Boo.

I'm thinking McWane is back up on the schedule soon.  

{thankful for}
gifts that give adventure
wind shield wipers
the amazement of jelly fish 

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