Friday, January 23, 2015

The {Greatest} Show on Earth

Perry's Kindergarten class took a fun field trip to the Circus this week.  It was really one of the best circus performances I've ever seen and we had a great time!  Here's our recap:

Starting off.  Pricing.


Holy Cow.  

$14 Cotton Candy.  SERIOUSLY?!

I 'bout died.  

So, instead, we opted for a large coke, nachos, and a motorcycle.  Oh yea, and $8 parking.  

And of course, the tickets...

All worth it for the fun and smiles! 

Okie dokie.  This lady?  This Jemma girl.  


She's certifiably crazy.  

I believe they said this was her 468th time being shot out of a cannon and she is the youngest human cannon ball on the planet.  I'm not sure I've ever seen this stunt before and if I have I didn't remember it.  I was super impressed with how gracefully she flew through the air.  And her somersaulting at the end was quite the delicate little landing.  

The clowns are never my favorite and to be honest, I never really think their skits are all that entertaining.  But, they are a vital part of the industry and therefore photo worthy.  

As a former gymnast, this type of flexibility and strength is simply astounding to me.

For real... how cute is Dumbo?!

I always leave the circus wanting a pet elephant.

These girls weren't very entertaining to me, but this upside down splitter was so sweet and came over to the side to smile and dote on a few little girls.  So she won my heart.  And their costumes were the sparkliest things I had ever seen in my life, which I loved.  

And if we thought the cannon ball girl was cray cray, meet this guy.  Yeah.  I just simply can't imagine.  He was in that cage with 15 tigers/lions at one point.  I couldn't stop myself from thinking that I hope he knows Jesus.  

He totally upped the vulnerability when he decided to do a handstand on a stool and let this roaring animal jump through his legs.  I was seriously impressed.  

The poodles were simply amazing.  They were sooooooo cute and had the entire audience laughing.  They were P's favorite and a very close second for me.

This act was the flying trapeze replacement.  Kinda boring, but cool costumes.  

Again, I wasn't thoroughly entertained by the tightrope walkers, but this girl doing the splits up there really amazed me.  

These trampoline guys were INCREDIBLE.  

Words could never do them justice.  I snapped a few shots and then sat in my seat completely mesmerized.  My favorite part!

{thankful for}
a Mommy Perry day
a Daddy Jack Cruz day
that everyone had a GREAT day
the safety of all the performers
nachos cheese and hot peppers
a large coke
belly laughs
steel city pops
my favorite coat
Pman's rainboots

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Mary Louis Quinn said...

Curran's favorite part was the poodles as well, and SC's was the trampoline guys. :) Your pictures are great!

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