Sunday, May 1, 2016


Little league is not something I saw in my future or really ever dreamed about when I was 'planning' my family as a younger me.  Truth be told, in my dreams there was a whole lotta pink, sparkles, baby dolls, and ballet shoes.  But the moment that ultrasound tech told us we were adding some BLUE to our lives, dirt, bugs, tractors, and tee-ball flashed before my eyes and I. WAS. SOLD.
This is Perry's third year in baseball and we are having so much fun!  I love that he's always decked out in his favorite orange-minus the cleats (why are soccer cleats SO much cooler and more colorful than baseball cleats?!) and that somehow, his little personality always shines through.
He is honing in on those much needed skills like swinging level, keeping his weight on his back foot, and paying attention to the ball even when its not coming his way.  His hard work and dedication is really starting to show.  We can see improvement in each game, and most of all, I think he's really starting to fall in love with the sport, which is so cool to watch!
This last game, the coach told all the kids that he was going to be awarding the game ball to the player who paid attention the whole time and really gave it his/her all.  Perry played a great game at third base, not letting a ball pass by him, then quickly getting it to first to make our outs.  And then he got three great hits, twice off the coach pitch, which we're really working hard on!  We were so proud of and tickled for Mr P when after the game the coach awarded him with this special prize.  He put Perry straight on Cloud 9.  I LOVE that Perry was so stinking proud of all his hard work!

{thankful for}
a daddy who works with his boys
a coach who is equal parts work and play
baseball gear in Ps favorite color
sweet friends for JackCruz to play with while big brother plays ball
that snaggle tooth smile that MELTS this momma's heart

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