Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day! {to me}

Mother's Day is such a special day to me.  I've wanted to be a Mommy since, probably, the age of four.  As soon as I grasped the concept of Mommy, I knew I wanted to be one.  I'm so thankful that five years ago {has it seriously already been FIVE years?!} God blessed us with our beautiful Perry.  Last year, just four days prior to Mother's Day, we saw Jack Cruz's face.  We started simultaneously falling face first in love and praying for guidance as to whether or not this was our son.  And by Mother's Day {also our sixth wedding anniversary} I was a blubbering mess in church, knowing that this child was to be our second son.  Justin and I could absolutely not wait to tell our agency that we wanted to be this little one's Mommy and Daddy.
To commemorate this special day, I asked for only one thing:  a longer-than-normal photo session with both my boys, full of smiles and zero complaining.  'Cause let's be real.  Boys don't love photo sessions. I was so excited to try out a new location and couldn't wait to shoot till my heart's content with nothing but positive attitudes!!  ... All I can say is at least one of my guys held up his part of the bargain!  The other one had to be bribed with an ice cream cone, a pack of rainbow sour straws, a bag of cheesy bugles, and a Dr. Pepper.  And in this Mom's world, good shots are worth all the above, and more if I'm being honest.  Plus, his lack of enthusiasm for the camera today kept us giggling the whole time.  Especially when he declared, "Happy Mother's Day Mommy!  I minded so good!"  {bahahaha... not so much, little buddy, but I love you to the moon and back anyway!}
{I have a ton more to edit and go through, but after our session I am exhausted!  We're calling it an early night here at the Murphree residence!  Tomorrow, Justin and I get to celebrate seven incredible years of marriage!}

{thankful for}
two one very willing participant in Mommy's photo shoot
ice cream that makes it worth it
two silly photo assistants
beautiful eyes
my handsome hubby who loves me so well
the gift of Mommyhood
Ingram's Baby Dedication
a newfound Korean church

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