Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Later 'Gator!

Yesterday, we celebrated Perry's 13th month birthday by doing what he loves best....Riding the Gator with his Grandaddy!!

We don't need a map, Grandaddy.
Just go where I point.

This is a vine that Perry stops to play with every time 
him and Grandaddy go on a gator ride.
Grandmommy and Grandaddy lovingly have named it
"Perry's Vine."

I picked flowers for Grandmommy!

Giving my flowers 
(in the form of the only leaf left)
to my Grandmommy!!

A few odd and ends in our world:

  • Yesterday, Perry also ate a flower, then gagged on it.... all before I could get to him.
  • He had pizza for breakfast and Poppy Seed Chicken for Dinner.
  • We took Otis on a long walk, just the three of us, for the first time....Otis is our big, STRONG rescue dog.  It was challenging, definitely a workout.... a neighbor actually laughed at us and questioned who was walking whom, but very fun walk nonetheless.
  • Perry and I went to the local farmer's market yesterday afternoon and bought some beautiful flowers to plant.  Then, we went home and played in the dirt.
  • Yesterday, I literally turned my back for thirty seconds to say something to Justin, then turned back around and Perry was ON TOP of our kitchen table!!
  • On that same note, tonight, while I was in the bathroom upstairs, Perry was right beside me in his room playing with his hippo chair.  When I realized he was really quiet, I peeked in expecting to see him snuggling with his hippo like he typically does.  However, I didn't see him, but I DID see an open bedroom door which leads DIRECTLY to the stairs, and I needless to say, I PANICKED!!!  I screamed "PERRY!!!!" and ran through the door to see him lying on his tummy, scooting halfway down the stairs, peering up at me with the sweetest little smile like he was so proud that he knew how to safely scoot down the stairs.  Seriously??!!! CAN I SAY HEART ATTACK???!!! And yes- Perry had gotten the "not so well latched, that Daddy will have to fix ASAP" door opened by himself!
  • I have officially learned not to let my eyes of off my child even for a split second...and I've warned everyone we know to watch him like a hawk.  Our little bitty went from crawling to cirque de soleil in a matter of days it seems!
  • I'm not sure if I have a baby boy or a monkey in my house.
  • Today we went to eat at Hamburger Heaven with Justin for lunch.  It was lots of fun and of course, Perry had to get in on some of the french fry action.
  • We also went shopping today and Perry picked out several new outfits from Lullabies... appropriately enough, one with smocked monkeys on it.
I feel the need to steal the slogan from the popular series, "Kate Plus Eight".... It might be a crazy life, but it's OUR life!  :)  

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