Saturday, June 19, 2010

Water Baby!

Perry is by far a true water baby!  He started "swimming" when he was still in his Mommy's tummy.  This morning, we started the day with Perry's typical swim lesson.  However, I really wanted to try out the new camera, so Justin swam with him solo.  It was so much fun watching Perry and his Daddy interact and play around.

Mommy's sweet boys

Ummm- this doesn't exactly look like swim practice to Mommy

Then, after swim class, we darted over to a friend's house for our monthly water-babies play date.  Unlike our typical play dates, each friend brought a yummy treat to eat,  Perry's friend, Tighe's dad, grilled hotdogs and veggies, and we decided to let the daddies in on all the fun.  

A pool full of friends

Playing on the noodle...looking a wee bit sleepy

Mommy's boys

Liam eating a noodle

Harrison eating a veggie puff...
 and making sure he doesn't run out anytime soon!

Miss Eva Kate intently watching Harrison eat his veggie puffs

Miss Sophia being her little princess self!! 

Miss Curran sportin' her sun hat

Miss Abby Pate rockin' her bikini!

Perry and Daddy doing what they do best!
Who am I kidding?  What I do best too! :)
Perry especially loved the watermelon with fruit dip.

An attempt at a group shot.
This is right before the major meltdown, 
led by none other than yours truly! 

And this is when the four foot separation anxiety hit full force.

2 kind thoughts:

Life At 1604 said...

Haha! That was my favorite moment of the day- Harrison (not really even caring for the puffs), grabbing a HANDFUL out of the container! I do like the last shot, with all of the moms in the background trying to reposition the group. What a fun day! (and yes, I'm up at 3:30a.m. Harrison thinks he is 4 weeks old again!

Brooke said...

Awww- Perry only slept 20 minutes the ENTIRE day yesterday!!! So, he was exhausted when he went to bed, which meant he slept horribly and ended up in our bed. I think it's crazy how when he doesn't nap during the day, he sleeps so badly at night.

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