Thursday, March 22, 2012

He Isn't Surprised

“Stupid Money”  I say that in my head ALL the time. I mean, would life not be a bigillian times less stressful if money didn’t exist and everyone played nice with everyone (for cryin’ out loud!)?!

It is no secret we are scrapping and scraping every little penny to go towards adoption fees. This morning, I had to take our English Mastiff, Jasper, to the vet, as he was so very lethargic and completely not himself. I knew the bill was going to be high due to the massive amount of tests they were conducting, but when I got to the register and she said, “That total comes to $498,” I honestly felt my knees get a little shaky and my stomach literally topsy-tervied and went “ish”.

I immediately felt the tears welling up and luckily made it to my car before calling my mother and sobbing to her about our vet bill the entire way home. (I would like to say how blessed and thankful I am that paying for such an absurd bill was even possible for me when some people in the world do not even have food to eat. And, I’m so grateful that our Jasperagus is going to be perfectly fine. But it was just a slap in the face (at the moment) as we are so desperately trying to budget wisely.)

I was still “getting a grip” when I sent an “I’ve officially gone over the edge” text to my sweet friend, Amanda (LOVE her to pieces, don’t know what I’d do without her intelligence, SO thankful God sparked a friendship between us, Amanda.), Her reply was “yada yada yada (all sweet things)… Just know that this didn’t take God by surprise.”

I think from now on, I shall just call her “Gandhi”.

Sometimes, you just gotta hear it from someone else. I just wanted to pass that piece of comfort on to someone else today. And if you are the one that needed to hear it today, I hope it brings you as much “ahhhh” as it did me today. And, I’ve actually already told it to someone else today too! (Thank you Amanda for making me sound all intelligent and such!) I just think it’s so true and such a great comfort. God knew it was coming. He isn’t surprised. He can handle surprises and equip me to handle them as well.


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bnfunky said...

You always have the best posts. Thank you for the reminder. I love that little statement. That didn't take God by surprise.

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